Monday, August 8, 2011

Natsumi Hayashi's 'Levitating Girl' Photos

Natsumi Hayashi is a Japanese girl who take self-portraits of herself levitating.
She can be spotted in and around Tokyo, equipped with her SLR and her self-timer.

Ms. Hayashi posts on her blog “Yowa Yowa Camera Woman Diary”
- meaning “a feeble camera woman’s diary,” -

"I wanted to express myself in the picture as someone free from Earth's gravitational pull,"

"In being free of gravity in the pictures, I am also not bound to societal conventions.
I feel as though I am not tied to many things and able to be my true self."

"We are all surrounded by social stress as we are bound by the forces of earth's gravity,"  "So, I hope that people feel something like an instant release from their stressful days by seeing my levitation photos."

-From her  interview with JRT in 2011

 Source: Natsumi Hayashi's website


  1. I've never seen her work before. It is really exceptional. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  2. What amazing shots! I remember seeing this once before on StumbleUpon, but I don't remember seeing some of these shots that you've shared! What's so beautiful about these photos is that they seem so free and peaceful to me despite being "action shots"! =)



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